Custom Website Design vs. templates: which one is best

Are you considering investing in a new website for your company, but are you unsure if a theme or a web design would suit your needs? This blog post should assist give some valuable starting points in analyzing which path you should choose.

Custom web design

Every component that makes up a custom-designed website is explicitly crafted to meet your specific requirements. Your content and strategy come first, and the design is developed in response to those two components.

There is a rationale behind why bigger businesses choose a web design rather than working within a predetermined theme. Personalized websites are more successful than generic ones in bringing in customers.

Because they are developed with a specific business in mind, you won’t have to be concerned about your website having extra features that you won’t use. To a large extent, the problem with templated websites is that they are designed to accommodate a wide variety of after-market adjustments.

With a custom website, the coding will be cleaner since it will have been created just for your business, and the SEO value will also begin at a higher level.

Even though the most significant drawback of web design is that it takes much more time (and, as a result, costs significantly more), it still has the potential to be beneficial in the long term.

Instead of rushing to achieve perfection, both teams with the time to examine each design or page, if that is required, in great detail to ensure that it fulfills the user’s requirements. When calculating your return on investment, paying attention to this level of detail may significantly impact you.

Advantages of custom website design

The most crucial benefit of financing in a custom web design is that it will help your website stand release from the public and give you an advantage over your rivals in terms of competition.

This is extremely important in the highly competitive online environment that exists today. Because customized websites are more optimized for search engines than website templates, they often get higher rankings on search engines.

A website design responds to your firm’s requirements more flexibly and allows you to include your business’s branding on the site. Custom websites have the advantage of scalability, meaning they may expand in line with the development of your company.

Additionally, using a content management system (CMS) enables the company to easily maintain the website up to date from any location, which is an extra advantage.


  • A website with a web design enables you to align it better with your marketing plan
  • Since the website was developed specifically to meet your requirements, you can use a more strategic approach when organizing its content
  • Fully adaptable to your needs
  • Working with an agency and an agency partner is similar to working with an extension of your team in most cases


  • More expensive
  • It requires a great deal of time
  • Some marketing teams may find that it is too hard to use


The most effective way to convey this is to say that a design based on a template provides you with pre-defined boxes into which you can insert your information. You choose a template that corresponds to your requirements as nearly as possible and then make minor adjustments to the colors and pictures.

Nowadays, many website providers and themes available on the market can provide you with a website theme. Practically any website development business may construct WordPress websites if you are seeking a team to build your site; however, the construction of WordPress websites can vary significantly from one another.

For some customers, a themed approach might be perfect enough for a website that serves just a few straightforward objectives and has little to no other specific needs. They may use some of the money they save on design and development time to reinvest in the site’s SEO structure and link building for targeted traffic creation.

This can help them get more customers. However, there is a limit to what this strategy may accomplish. Your themed website will only be able to load at a certain speed, beyond which you risk being constrained by design concerns in the future.

If your web firm does not provide continuous assistance, it may be tough to locate support or adjust the theme. This is because the code will likely be built in a difficult way to hop into and update.

Because WordPress is so widely used, there are an infinite number of approaches to writing code for a website, and no two developers will approach a project in precisely the same manner.

Advantages of Template

A website template, as opposed to a custom-designed website, has a development cycle that is much less time-consuming.

Another advantage of utilizing a website template is that it costs less, meaning that even if you have a limited budget, you can still purchase a template for your website. Because of website templates, building a website is no longer dependent upon having a solid understanding of coding.

A website template may be created by anybody, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with HTML and CSS.


  • It costs not make too much money overall
  • It can be implemented or constructed in a shorter amount of time


  • Discovering a template that corresponds to your requirements will be challenging
  • It can occasionally have the appearance of being “cookie-cutter.”

Which Option Do You Prefer?

How do you choose which choice is most appropriate to your requirements? Here is a simple litmus test to help you decide whether to utilize a web design or a template design for your business website.


If you are working with a limited budget and want a rapid turnaround, selecting a design from an existing template may be the best choice.

Some companies don’t require anything more complicated than a website that functions like an online brochure since their strategic objectives are simple. Use a template rather than going the custom design route if this is the case.


Investing in a robust website that is custom-made is the best method of activity to take if you have complex company demands and are searching for a marketing plan to complete the website. In addition, if you have a sophisticated content structure that requires significant organizing, you should choose a custom design.

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