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As a Google-certified online marketing company with a focus on search engine optimization, we support companies from different countries and a wide variety of industries. Whether you are a small, medium-sized or international corporation: With our scalable services, we offer you the right solutions. Our willingness to always be there for our customers with all our knowledge is a central part of our corporate philosophy.

Do SEO optimization yourself?

In order to be able to carry out SEO optimization yourself, you need three things: time, in-depth specialist knowledge or experience and the right software.

Performing search engine optimization with only basic knowledge can have serious consequences. At least for advice, you should always consult a professional and find out whether you can actually do the SEO optimization yourself. Training and SEO seminars are a good way to expand your knowledge and become a specialist yourself.

How much does SEO optimization cost?

The price of SEO optimization depends on the extent to which it needs to be done. Which technical aspects of the website need to be revised? Is the design outdated and in need of a refresh? Are new texts necessary? Do backlinks need to be built? These and other questions determine exactly how much SEO optimization costs.

Important for you as a customer: Don’t pay too little. In many cases, service providers offer optimizations at unrealistically low prices. You save at first, but with dumping prices you also get dumping services. These can not only be unsuccessful, but in the worst case even damage your success, for example if so-called black hat methods (i.e. unfair means) are used for quick results.

Always check offers for SEO optimization carefully and have them explain which services are included and to what extent.

How long does SEO optimization take?

Depending on the scope of the services to be provided, SEO optimization takes a different amount of time. Technical adjustments, content creation and more: all this must be done and implemented with care. If you have the SEO optimization carried out by a service provider, you should always be able to see how long individual steps are likely to take and what their current status is. Of course, your cooperation is also decisive for how long it takes to optimize your website. How long it takes before you start seeing results also varies. In general, the effects of an SEO optimization should be visible within three to six weeks. Sometimes it's faster.

What does comprehensive SEO optimization mean?

What is meant is to carry out SEO optimization in such a way that it also brings long-term success. With some measures, successes can be seen in a short time, but these are not permanent. A comprehensive and sustainable SEO optimization should aim to set up a website in such a way that it achieves a good ranking on Google and Co. over a long period of time. A professional and well thought-out backlink structure in connection with rich snippets is particularly important. A thorough structuring of the website with high-quality content that offers the customer added value is also important. With regular checks, providers for SEO optimization continue to ensure that the ranking achieved is maintained in the long term.

We are there for you and will help you with the structuring and execution!

Use the full potential for success of your website with professional SEO optimization! It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or how big your company is – you always benefit from well thought-out SEO optimization. With us, your website will rise in the search engines, interested parties will find you more easily, you will receive more inquiries and you will benefit from more traffic!

Find out what we can do for you and your website. We offer you effective SEO services tailored to your needs. Contact us now and let us advise you on an offer for SEO optimization!

What does SEO optimization include?


Themes & Templates

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How much does a top ranking on Google & Co.

How much search engine optimization costs in each individual case depends on various factors. Just tell us briefly about your project and we will make you a price offer. Call us and discuss your project directly with us! We advise you without obligation, quickly & uncomplicated

When you use a search engine to find information on a specific topic, you expect the best answers to your questions in the search results. In order to offer you exactly that, Google and Co. use complex algorithms to analyze and evaluate websites. The aim of search engine optimization is to adapt your website to the criteria examined by search engines.

Google’s algorithms are programmed in such a way that they evaluate a website in almost the same way as a human who is supposed to evaluate whether the page matches the search query. The following factors are important:

Technical SEO
Search engines analyze all technical aspects of a website. The URL structure, the structure of the source code, metadata, navigation, blog, rich snippets and much more are important.

Content SEO
The content of your website is also checked. Texts are particularly important here, but so are images and videos. Since the texts provide the search engines with numerous tips on the subject of the website and answer users’ questions directly, they are the focus of search engine optimization.

External SEO
As explained above, search engines not only analyze the so-called on-page area, but also the off-page area, i.e. all links and connections from other websites to your site. Topic-related links from trustworthy websites have a positive impact on the ranking, while off-topic or untrustworthy link sources have a negative impact on the rating of your website. We create professional campaigns for your keywords and create thousands of backlinks to sustainably improve your PageRank.

In almost all cases, SEO optimization therefore includes services from precisely these three areas. The weighting and structuring is of course very different and is tailored to your business.