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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design provides a current technology that makes it possible to ensure the uniform display of content on a website with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 media queries. The layout of a website is designed so flexibly that it offers the same user-friendliness on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone and the content can be fully and quickly absorbed by the visitor.

What does responsive web design mean?

The term responsive web design means “responsive web design” in a figurative sense. Content and navigation elements as well as the structural design of a website adapt to the screen resolution of the mobile device – it is responsive and corresponds to the resolution of the mobile device. Responsive web design follows the user and not the mostly rigidly structured layouts of conventional websites and online shops, as is the case today.

“Form follows function” – with responsive web design, function, design and content follow the respective screen resolution of the desktop, tablet or smartphone used.

Benefits of responsive design?

The advantages of responsive web design are reflected in statistics and trends in the use of mobile devices. The increasing market share of smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and iPad is also forcing us to rethink the design of websites. While the computer desktop was previously optimized for a maximum screen resolution of 1000px wide, today a large number of different end devices have to be taken into account:

Standard resolutions of smartphones and tablets:

320px to 480px
768px to 1024px
Computer Desktop:

If the mobile and desktop versions of the website are strictly separated, i.e. a non-responsive website, there is an increased maintenance effort for editorial content and image material. Additionally, the site may require a third or fourth version of the layout for future tablet or smartphone formats.

We develop responsive and mobile digital concepts for your web project for a uniform and optimized display on all display devices – whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Together with you, we design your web project – depending on the purpose, objective and target group – with the help of a suitable technical concept and an individual design.

Present your company in digital form and reach a broad target group.

For example, use a target group-oriented website or landing page as an important tool for strategic brand management or customer loyalty management.

We design responsive and mobile-optimized websites for all customers using modern web standards – whether for small companies, large companies or tradespeople, private purposes, non-profit charity projects or associations, influencers, bloggers or web and online portals.

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