Digital marketing tools to use in 2022

A company that does not implement extensive digital marketing efforts is comparable to a ship that does not have sails; it will not go very far. If you want people to take notice of your company in today’s fast-paced world, you will have to promote yourself online, and you will need to be knowledgeable about how to do so.

Because of this, having a digital marketing tool at your disposal is helpful. The process of advertising and selling items or services using digital marketing channels, including search engines, emails, mobile applications, and other similar mediums, is called digital marketing.

While digital marketing platforms can only assist you in putting up an effective plan they won’t do all the work for you), the correct technological stack may help you overtake your rivals and take the lead in your industry.

Several finest digital marketing tools should be kept in the tool belt of every marketer to assist in taking your marketing plan to the next level.

Tools of Digital Marketing


A practical digital marketing tool that may help you enhance your SEO approach is SEMrush, which you can find online. SEMrush can assist you in every possible way, whether you research keywords, monitor positions, or offer backlinks.

In addition, you may use this tool to assist you in carrying out an exhaustive SEO audit. This tool may also help you do a full SEO audit and count your website’s pages. The most recent release of SEMrush includes improvements to content authoring and advertising tools.

You can choose between free and premium memberships while using SEMrush. You will only access a subset of features if you use the free account option. You can get the most outstanding results by signing up for a free trial of SEMRush for 14 days and exploring its most valuable features.

Deskera CRM

Utilizing Deskera CRM is your best bet if you want to carry out an inbound marketing plan, which is why you should consider using it. Deskera CRM provides a wealth of features for every step of the process, regardless of what stage you are currently in.

You may use this tool to carry out various activities, including configuring online and popup forms. You may even build up email marketing campaigns, organize your data using customer relationship management software, and monitor the behavior of site visitors.

Deskera CRM assists you in the management of your contacts, as well as in the tracking of emails and the connection with leads.

Analytics provided by Google

Google Analytics tool can be used to analyze websites. As a critical component of modern digital marketing strategies, a solid understanding of Google Analytics is necessary in today’s business world.

It may assist you in determining who is visiting your website and from what locations they are coming. You may also find out which of your sites your audience spends the most time on by monitoring their activity.

In addition, Google Analytics may assist you in establishing objectives to track conversions and develop a more advanced e-commerce infrastructure.

AdWords from Google

Google AdWords is an excellent platform for marketing your company using the search results provided by Google. It is based on a concept known as pay-per-click. You can research the keywords you want to include in your content using the Google Keyword Planner, which Google AdWords provides.

You may specify a budget limit for Google AdWords. AdWords is your best bet if you want to place ads for your goods or services on the Google search results pages that correspond to specific searches.


Canva is the most effective tool for producing graphics suitable for commercial use. Canva can help you improve your design experience, including creating social photos, call-to-action buttons, and infographics.

It provides an abundance of templates, clip art, and fonts that you may use to set your project apart from others in its category. Canva simplifies the design process for its customers by providing a drag-and-drop interface for the layout of their projects.


Sotrender can give essential organic and sponsored social media analytics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube since its solutions are powered by artificial intelligence, and its data is dependable.

You can examine a variety of metrics using this tool, such as reach, engagement, user demographics, comment sentiment, content summary, and more. All of the information is shown on charts that are not only accessible but also simple to comprehend.

These charts are beneficial when it comes time to discuss your social media results with a group or a manager.


ProofHub is a highly effective and reasonably priced team collaboration and project management software that brings together on a single platform all of the members of a team, customers, stakeholders, etc.

With the help of ProofHub, you can keep track of your work in a single area, collaborate with other people using various cutting-edge tools, and do all of this under a single digital roof. ProofHub enables you to organize and monitor activities, keep track of time, properly handle digital files, and communicate, all of which are necessary for successfully planning and executing projects.

Thanks to its portability, the mobile app version makes it simple for you to handle work from anywhere using any internet-connected device. Because the price plans are affordable and have a fixed charge, it is a perfect alternative for enterprises and teams with a restricted budget.


Mail Chimp is a valuable tool for email marketing that enables users to automate many aspects of their campaigns. Using this technology, you can gather all of your email contacts into one location, and you can then use this same tool to build up an email marketing campaign.

Mail Chimp provides its customers with a segmentation feature that allows users to target particular people with customized emails. This is just one of the many advantages of utilizing Mail Chimp.

Using this application, you can send postcards, construct landing sites, and generate customized advertisements.


Hootsuite is an excellent choice if you search for a tool to manage your presence on social media. It allows you to save your information in the cloud, where it can be accessible at any time of day or night by other team members for social network sharing.

You may plan numerous articles at once using this tool, in addition to developing tags and keywords to go along with them.


Placeit is an excellent tool to have at your disposal if you are searching for a platform that will allow you to build all of your branding designs. Create photos that stand out from the crowd with the help of more than 50,000 pre-made layouts and a growing library of strategies contributed by industry experts daily.

You can create everything from logos and films to your social media campaign using branded photos in just a few minutes. Because each of their movies is produced by a skilled staff, you can be sure that the templates they provide will attract attention when used in your campaigns. After personalizing your template, you need to click the download button.


Yoast is a plug-in for WordPress that may be used in conjunction with the editor. It is the most effective tool for optimizing the content of your website for search engines.

To increase the ranking of your website, it assists in selecting the range, focus keywords, internal links, and other elements. Yoast also helps in the evaluation of the readability of a page and offers a reading score, both of which contribute to the optimization of the website.



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